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The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 aims to reinvigorate local democracy � putting local authorities at the forefront of the drive to reconnect people with public and political decision-making. This democratic renewal is about restoring trust and confidence in local government and its institutions and its starting point is the citizen.

Signing a petition is one way for citizens to express their concerns and priorities to their local authority and the government's Citizenship Survey shows that petitions are the most popular and recognised form of civic action.

The petitions provisions in the 2009 Act means that for the first time councils will be required to respond to petitions and tell local people what action is going to be taken to address their concerns.


A pioneer of online collaboration and consultation software, INOVEM has developed INOVEM e-Petitions to help local authorities meet their duties under the 2009 Act, in particular the specific duty to provide a facility for people to submit petitions electronically.

This very affordable solution is designed with usability and the duty in mind, offering:

  • a step-by-step way to list, view, sign and create online petitions
  • a simple and accessible interface to ensure that technology is no barrier for any individual or group
  • user roles for signatories, the principal petitioner, responding officers and the facility manager
  • workflows to ensure that submitted petitions can be easily reviewed and administered, while facility managers in authorities can set trigger thresholds and alerts for further actions
  • strong reporting ensures that petitions in progress or completed can be viewed with graphs, status, timelines, number of signatories and responses


  • make it easier for local people to express their views
  • cost effectively manage, review and approve petitions
  • automate authority thresholds to trigger further debate
  • quickly analyse, report and respond to petitions
  • ensure petitioners know that their views have been listened to
  • build on local authority best practice
  • comply with the Local Democracy Act

Go to the INOVEM e-Petitions software description for a more detailed walk-through of the product and how to buy and get started.

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There's the option to easily add our online consultation software, INOVEM Consult, to add further stakeholder involvement capabilities to your web site.

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Product Demonstration

Why not see how easy it is to sign and create an e-petition on our demonstration site.

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