As part of our Inclusionware family of effective, affordable, and scalable stakeholder engagement software, INOVEM e-Petitions will help you meet your duties under the 2009 Local Democracy Act, at a price that it is difficult to ignore.

Within days, and with very little effort, you can have a robust and fully supported e-Petitions service up-and-running, seamlessly branded within your web site. INOVEM e-Petitions can be used standalone or in conjunction with INOVEM?s market leading online consultation systems.

INOVEM's e-Petition software will enable you to empower individuals and local communities to raise, and seek support for, issues that they see as important - helping them to reconnect with public and policy decision-making.


Empowers local communities

INOVEM e-Petitions makes it simple for members of the public to List, Search, View and Sign online e-Petitions. In addition to Current e-Petitions, people can view the list of Closed e-Petitions, and summary information about Rejected e-Petitions.

To make your e-Petitions service easier to grasp, visitors are presented with clear information on how to use the software and details of your adopted Petition Scheme via customised made About e-Petitions and FAQ pages.

Sign a Petition
simple to use, easy to promote

The Council Response, if available, is published alongside each e-Petition to ensure petitioners see that their views have been listened to.

Secure, easy to process and administer

Best practice requires all contributors to provide a valid email and post code. INOVEM e-Petitions uses web-accessible techniques to validate the information provided, preventing fraudulent attempts to fake signatures.

As a Principal Petitioner a member of the public will find it straight-forward to register and Create an e-Petition. When created, the Facility Manager (a member of council staff) is automatically notified and asked to assign the e-Petition to an appropriate Responding Officer. The reviewed e-Petition can then be rejected, returned to the principal petitioner for modification or approved for publication to the e-Petition website.

Management information and reports are available to the Facility Manager, Responding Officers and other key staff so they can review council petitions and escalate issues where appropriate.

Builds on your brand's reputation for community involvement

A key feature of INOVEM e-Petitions is its ability to fit seamlessly into your web site, using our INOVEM Chameleon integration service, taking on your own online style and identity to ensure that your brand benefits to the maximum from involvement initiatives. The look-and-feel can of course be adapted as your online identity changes

Customized e-Petition Example
full branding means going further than just adding "Your Organisation" logo

INOVEM e-Petitions meets the highest WAI-AAA accessibility standards, essential for inclusive e-democracy; and our service enables both online and traditional offline petitions to be managed in parallel.


INOVEM e-Petitions provides council staff, petitioners and signatories with a simple step-by-step, yet comprehensive, way to submit, process, sign and manage petitions online.

Creating an e-Petition

The Start an e-Petition button presents Principal Petitioners with a simple-to-use form encouraging them to supply a petition statement and optional detailed description. Additionally they can specify whether it is their intention to also collect signatures via a paper petition and select how long they want their e-Petition to be open for.

Your Petition
straightforward to use, simple to manage

The Preview e-Petition allows the Principal Petitioner to apply a final check as to how their online petition will look before submitting it to the council for approval, along with a supporting note only visible to approved council staff. An acknowledgement email is then returned, without delay, to let them know that their petition has been received for review and approval.

Approving and managing an e-Petition

The Facility Manager is automatically notified by email when new e-Petitions arrive in their personal Awaiting My Action folder. These can either be acted on directly or quickly delegated, via an instant email notification, to a Responding Officer for review and ongoing action.

By following the link provided in the email Responding Officers are directed to their personal Manage e-Petitions page where they can find all e-Petitions that have been Assigned to Me, along with the status and action required.

Reviewed e-Petitions can be approved, returned to the Principal Petitioner for modification or declined using one-or-more statements from a list of pre-approved Rejection Reasons, provided by the Facility Manager. On approval, the final e-Petition publication Close Date is set, the e-Petition is opened and the Principal Petitioner is notified.

To help with validating support for e-Petitions, approved council staff can Manage e-Petition Signatures to review the date and time of every signature and signature confirmation and can also see the computer or server address from which the signature was made.

Promoting and signing an e-Petition

As soon as an e-Petition has been approved the Principal Petitioner can use the Email to a Friend function to promote their e-Petition directly or reference a conveniently shortened URL link via popular social networking sites that they belong to.

The large Sign Petition button is designed to make it easy for e-Petition web site visitors to sign petitions that they support. There is no need to register but, as recognised best practice, they are asked to provide a valid post code and email address.

Each e-Petition clearly shows the number of supporters and for transparency publishes a List of Signatories that is dynamically updated. Of course, at any time web site visitors and Principal Petitioners can Contact the Council about an e-Petition at any time.

Reporting on Petitions

A key feature of INOVEM e-Petitions is its powerful Reporting Options. The easy-to-use reporting function is only visible to the Facility Manager, the Responding Officers and other approved council staff or members.

Reporting Interface
powerful and flexible reporting

One or more of the set of pre-defined reports can be selected using data time-sliced as appropriate and output as charts (view in a web browser or PDF) or as data files (CSV or XML) so that the results can be processed in other council applications.

making activity levels and council actions clear

System Configuration and Customisation

INOVEM e-Petitions has been designed to be used straight out-of-the-box, with little or no changes. However, we realise that across the country council Petition Schemes will differ, which is why we allow Facility Managers to modify your e-Petition site settings, such as the Support Email Address, the Names of Responding Officers and the list of valid Rejection Reasons such as "Is about an individual legal case" or "Asks for things outside the remit of the Council".

To make it easier for everyone, when used in conjunction with INOVEM Consult you can also map fields from an existing stakeholder database to pre-fill signatory details if they are already logged in.


How to buy

INOVEM e-Petitions is available as a hosted service, or can be installed as software on your own network (if also purchased with INOVEM Consult). No software downloads are required ? users only need access to a standard web browser.

Set up

INOVEM e-Petitions has been purpose-designed to be easy to obtain, implement and use.

Services include the creation of your INOVEM e-Petitions website, customisation of user roles, council policies (such as response thresholds) and adaptation to your online identity and style-sheets. Consultancy support is provided to help you configure the product to your specific requirements and launch your e-Petitions service.


Training manuals and online videos are available for Facility Managers to get you started and make sure you get the best out of your system. Further on-site training is available on request, but mostly INOVEM users train each other, because it's that easy to use.

24x7 support

Technical and management support is available by telephone and email during office hours, plus our online Client Zone is available 24x7 providing access to our support database.

User Group

The flourishing INOVEM User Community has access to useful resources and discussions via our online Client Zone, as well as annual Customer Workshops and a regular online newsletter.


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"INOVEM is a long-standing member of our organisation with a track record for delivering robust solutions to public sector organisations. With this new e-Petitions module it is responding proactively to the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act while promoting high standards of public consultation and addressing the 'Duty to Involve' through an innovative and inclusive software solution."

Rhion Jones, Programme Director of the Consultation Institute