How INOVEM Inclusionware™ solutions contribute to sustainability
Sustainability Online collaboration and consultation management has specific and measurable effects on an organisation's carbon footprint both directly, and indirectly, through increasing intellectual productivity.

Measurable factors contributing to sustainability include:

Local, long-distance and international travel can be significantly reduced if full collaborative working is enabled online, 24x7.

Meeting spaces
Provision of meeting spaces, including light, heat and technological resources, can be replaced by the virtual meeting space provided by Inclusionware.

Printing and circulation of paper drafts is significantly reduced, and can be eliminated entirely with the right usage policies. Multi-user synchronous document editing means that the constant duplication of document drafts is unnecessary.

Information, documentation, minutes of meetings etc. can be disseminated and archived - including records of changes and comments - entirely online.

Postage and courier charges can be largely eliminated from many projects. This is particularly a benefit from online procurement communication management.

SaaS hosting
The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model enables systems to be optimised in terms of server resources, minimising power consumption attributable to the process, compared to in-house or desk-top based systems. SaaS also minimises the need for physical production of, eg. discs, packaging, manuals etc.

Like our customers, INOVEM Inclusionware™ solutions are actively committed to developing a sustainable business model and minimising our own carbon footprint through advanced technology engineering principles.

Download a copy of INOVEM's Environmental Policy