Software Solutions for Strategic Partnerships Strategic Partnerships are now a key feature of both the public sector and private sector landscape. Public services strive to achieve 'joined up' government, shared services or emergency response coordination. Large scale private sector projects are often dependent on multiple partners who need striving to work in a seamless way.

Recruiting, informing, coordinating and co-developing plans and content with partners is a huge task, but one which the Web 2.0 environment is able to transform.

Our Project & Partnership Portals are specifically designed to make the management of strategic partnerships easier, combining our Team Collaboration software with facilities for co-development and publishing of plans, policies and other collaborative documentation.

Bid & Tender Management is also a valuable tool to enable strategic partnerships to manage procurement processes transparently, especially where multiple decision-makers are involved.

"The Council were delighted that a Parish Council took up the offer to use the INOVEM system as part of their Parish Plan exercise. The system has allowed the Parish to offer not only an on-line questionnaire but also a tool to analyse the results of their consultation. It also offers multiple data entry thereby speeding up the data inputting and not relying on one volunteer to do all the work. It is also very easy to use, so training doesn’t have to be intensive."

Sara Dixon, Policy and Partnerships, Bath and North East Somerset Council

"INOVEM’s eConsultation service made it a lot easier for the partnership to gather views and provide a structured approach to public response."

Allan Davies, West of England Partnership Office

"In a couple of weeks INOVEM delivered a fully branded and secure web portal, provided training for managers and staff and helped us create and deploy our initial set of groups. The resulting solution,, is now a core part of the day-to-day communication for the Firelink project, with over 9GB of data, 300 users and 100 groups."

Terry Mason, Firelink Project Office