What do you want your INOVEM Inclusionware™ system to do?
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What would you like to do?
Connect Consult Collaborate Co-Publish
Build and manage a stakeholder database Yes Yes Yes  
Send out alerts to keep stakeholders updated and informed Yes Yes Yes  
Informally consult with stakeholders and get their feedback Yes Yes Yes  
Allow stakeholders to discuss issues with each other Yes Yes Yes  
Provide a portal to manage and run formal consultations   Yes    
Analyse and report on consultation responses   Yes    
Produce letters for offline stakeholders   Yes    
Collaboratively build document content   Yes Yes  
Provide collaborative workspaces for teams and projects     Yes  
Empower stakeholders to create and modify content     Yes  
Provide access to project management tools     Yes  
Provide document collaboration workflow   * * Yes
Publish documents to PDF   * * Yes

* INOVEM Co-Publish is an upgrade to INOVEM Collaborate or INOVEM Consult.

INOVEM Chameleon

With the unique INOVEM Chameleon approach, instead of just offering ‘Your logo here’ branding on a standard design template, we can integrate the solution fully within your own web identity. So you build your reputation for inclusion – not ours.