Software Solutions for Project and Procurement Teams
In major projects, our Team Collaboration solution and Project & Partnership Portal are able to significantly increase efficiency in scheduling and managing disparate resources, as well as enabling faster development of plans and documentation and ensuring that everyone’s working off the same version of information.

Our Bid & Tender Management Systems are attracting procurement teams who want to cut through laborious information sharing procedures, without compromising the equity of the process, and ensuring a full legal audit trail.

The Development Project Portal is specifically tuned to the needs of major construction, urban regeneration and environmental projects, ensuring that these complex and sensitive undertakings can be managed with the maximum accuracy and speed.

"The independent Gateway 3 review team made reference to our use of the collaborative web area as an area of good practice. In a recent workshop held with the new IT supplier it was also mentioned as an element of our collaboration that has worked particularly well."

Anne Waller, IT Services Outsourcing Project, DCLG

"INOVEM's collaboration software has been a tremendous help with my projects and is very easy to use. The automatic email notifications to all stakeholders, when new document files are added or the status changes, is not only a tremendous timesaver for me but helps keep our project on track and communication costs to a minimum."

Bob Mock, Manager North America, Supply Chain Training, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.

"Cross London Rail Links have been using the INOVEM extranet service within our Legal Services and Corporate Affairs departments. The application is used to share draft legal documents, statements to the press, key messages and events slide shows with internal staff, external sponsors and partners, key stakeholders and legal advisers. The system has made it easier and quicker for us to share sensitive information with restricted groups of individuals and the e-mail update function ensures that the users are kept informed of the latest developments at all times. We have found the system easy to use and have been impressed with its reliability and ability to handle large documents."

Will Moore, Project Manager, Crossrail