Software Solutions for Professional Organisations
Online solutions such as INOVEM Inclusionware™ are proving transformational for professional organisations, associations and bodies with large diverse memberships they need to inform, involve and consult – for obvious reasons.

They can now save substantial costs while providing a greatly enhanced member service. Members can be both informed and consulted online, through our Membership Involvement Systems which enable policies, standards, events, certifications, compliances and many other tasks to be made easier.

In the same way, committees, working parties and interest groups can be energised and motivated through our Committee Support Systems, enabling information and interactivity to be generated in between meetings, and expert or official input to be shared quickly.

"RICS has over 140,000 members spread across the globe. The addition of the INOVEM virtual environment to RICS has lead to significant cost savings in terms of members travel, time and logistics. The virtual communities are now the primary method of communication between RICS and our geographically diverse membership enabling RICS to use members’ precious time in a much more efficient manner."

James Kavanagh, Director Land Group, RICS

"As with any forum or association, effective communication is a vital component of success. The provision of the Wales Manufacturing Health and Safety Forum website, based on INOVEM’s inclusionware technology, plays a key role in how we communicate with our members. On a personal note, it enables me to keep up-to-date with what’s new and provides a quick and easy means of sharing and learning."

Paul Howells, Senior Safety specialist, Chevron Pembroke Refinery