Introducing the Complete Range of Purpose-Built Inclusionware Products
INOVEM has created the first complete suite of Inclusionware products designed and built specifically to enable seamless collaboration–consultation management.

While other solutions depend on document creation or only exist within big corporate software environments, INOVEM’s Inclusionware™ products provide flexible, integrated and highly accessible online environments to suit every need.

All INOVEM Inclusionware™ products work the same way, enabling you to start with the product that meets your precise needs today, and add functionality to tackle new tasks tomorrow.

Choose from:

•  INOVEM Connect a rapid-access, entry-level product enabling you to quickly set up groups that enable members to receive information, discuss issues and provide feedback online.
•  INOVEM Consult a highly configurable framework for managing, deploying and analysing formal and informal consultations through your choice of media: interactive questionnaires, feedback against sectional documents or online discussions.
•  INOVEM Collaborate a powerful team working environment designed to improve project management,group-based communications and the rapid, effective sharing of information among internal and external communities.
•  INOVEM Co-Publish providing simple, easy-to-manage multi-user document creation, workflow and PDF publishing capabilities.

Want to try INOVEM Collaborate? is INOVEM's secure pay-as-you-go cloud collaboration service that will enable your project teams to be in Kahootz with each other within minutes. Why not try our Free Trial?

What do you want your INOVEM Inclusionware™ system to do?

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INOVEM Inclusionware™ solutions in action

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