for Local Planning Authorities
Early and effective consultation with communities and key stakeholders is an important part of planning policy formation and the Local Development Framework (LDF). That means Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are looking for ways to widen participation and make it easier while, crucially, keeping costs as low as possible.

Local Planning Authorities and Consultation Managers are grappling with the need to process and respond to thousands of representations from developers, planning agents and local residents.

At the same time, LPAs need to consider how their consultation activities will fit within the wider 'place-shaping' agenda of the Council and the Local Strategic Partnership.

That's why many LPAs are turning to new, web-based technologies to provide the cost-effective solution, which can handle the complexities and workload of planning processes, from publishing professional, well-created consultation documents to managing the myriad of responses.


INOVEM Inclusionware™ provides a rapidly-implemented solution for Planning Authority professionals to manage all their public consultation needs through a single, flexible system.

Using our affordable, web-based INOVEM Planning Consultation System solution, you can carry out every stage of consultation easily and quickly - and using the media tactics that suit each situation.

Planning Consultation Systems - Cliftonville DPD

From launching pre-submission 'front-loading' consultations through to receiving detailed representations against individual elements or sections of submission documents, this solution is purpose-designed to help you seek and collate the views of key stakeholders, planning agents and local communities.

The intuitive, browser-based solution includes powerful and easy-to-use facilities to help you project manage and collaborate on the development and publication of LDF document content; and following consultation, it helps you manage, process, audit and analyse the feedback, resulting in a solid and dependable evidence base.

Set up in only a few days, but scalable and adaptable to cope with all your workload in the foreseeable future, the INOVEM Planning Consultation System fits seamlessly within your existing web presence and identity, to maximise the value of your engagement with the public.

Planning Consultation Systems - North Somerset


  • meet statutory responsibilities for public consultation under the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, and encourage Internet-based response
  • save time and money on production, management and publication of multiple LDF documents compliant with approved corporate and departmental styles
  • make it easier for stakeholders, planning agents and local communities to take part, and automate the process of informing them of consultations they might be interested in
  • manage a central register of all stakeholders for correspondence and reporting
  • reduce the resources required for data take-on and the opportunity for data-entry errors through automatic data validation
  • automate the 'duly made' process ensuring all comments are registered, assessed and responded to
  • increase the efficiency of handling comments through each stage of consultation
  • quickly report and analyse responses
  • effectively record and automate the communication and publication of officer and council decisions
  • meet the Government's e-planning best practice targets

Download the INOVEM Planning Consultation Systems data sheet

Build your capabilities over time

There's the option to easily add one of our team working and community-building products, INOVEM Collaborate or INOVEM Connect, to add further cost-efficiencies and networking potential to your solution.

To find out how quickly and affordably INOVEM Inclusionware™ solutions could transform your team working capability call +44 (0)1488 648 468 or use our Contact Form.

"We were very impressed with the power and ease-of-use of the INOVEM software, particularly their competitively-priced capability to streamline the production and publication of our planning documents."

Philip Higginbottom,
South Somerset District Council

"Having INOVEM eConsultation has really helped improve the way we engage with, and make our LDF documents available to our stakeholders and key interested people. It has also greatly improved the speed with which we can analyse and respond to the comments made. Where we have got stuck, the guys at INOVEM have always been just a call or email away and have always helped us out"

Patrick Conroy,
Spatial Planning Team Manager
South Gloucestershire Council

INOVEM Chameleon

With the unique INOVEM Chameleon approach, instead of just offering ‘Your logo here’ branding on a standard design template, we can integrate the solution fully within your own web identity. So you build your reputation for inclusion – not ours.