for associations and representative organisations
Promoting member involvement and participation is a fundamental aim for professional associations, institutes and guilds, charitable networks and representative organisations. Yet managing a large dispersed membership has also always been a major challenge.

Now though, the advent of Web 2.0 and widening adoption of social networking has changed things. The technology is available to address the challenges of managing and communicating with large member bases - and transform organisations' ability to interact with and involve their members.

Based on the technology that powers the online social networking revolution, it enables managers to create online environments to facilitate a wide variety of core activities, such as:

  • managing and communicating with members
  • identifying and targeting members' specific interests
  • supporting and energising committees and working groups
  • issuing educational, professional and best practice information
  • developing policy with members' participation
  • creating and informing special interest groups
  • supporting certification, qualification and compliance processes
  • maintaining standards and disciplinary structures
  • liaising with external stakeholders, advisers and publics

For the first time, purpose-built technology can completely support the operation of membershipbased organisations, whatever their size and complexity. It's easy to use, quick to set up, extremely economical to own - and priced to suit the budgets of memberfunded groups.


INOVEM Inclusionware™ provides a rapidly-implemented solution for representative organisations to manage and involve their members via an easy-to-use online environment.

With the affordable, web-based INOVEM Membership Involvement System solution, your staff, members and committees can work collectively to develop, share and discuss documents such as board papers, committee reports, meeting minutes, case studies, policy reviews and best practice guides.

You can easily survey membership opinions through interactive questionnaires and online discussions; develop, arrange and publish meetings and events based on your members' declared areas of interest; and monitor levels of participation to minimise wasted resources or activities.

Membership Involvement System - HSE

With the INOVEM Membership Involvement System, managing multiple tasks and issues, while involving every relevant stakeholder, becomes simple, and you can provide a central online information resource that can be quickly searched by authorised users. Set up in only a few days, but scalable and adaptable to cope with even the largest and most complex organisations, the INOVEM Membership Involvement System fits seamlessly within your existing web presence and identity, to support your relationship with your members.

Membership Involvement System - RICS


  • increase levels of member participation and gain a better understanding of their individual opinions and areas of interest, to personalise the member experience
  • improve collaboration and team working, to speed up projects and maximise the value of expert input
  • issue and exchange information more quickly, widely and accurately, making sure the right people get the right information, with instant notifications
  • create policy and discuss key issues with full democratic participation, to add authenticity to representations and support policies
  • launch, manage, collate, distribute and archive documents and discussions; provide a growing bank of online information to members
  • enable members to participate in things that interest them, at times to suit them, without having to travel
  • sponsor the sharing of expertise and best practice, enabling more expertise to be injected into members' discussions

Download the INOVEM Membership Involvement Systems data sheet

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"As with any forum or association, effective communication is a vital component of success. The provision of the Wales Manufacturing Health and Safety Forum website, based on INOVEM's Inclusionware technology, plays a key role in how we communicate with our members. On a personal note, it enables me to keep up to date with what's new and provides a quick and easy means of sharing and learning."

Paul Howells, Senior Safety specialist, Chevron Pembroke Refinery

"We decided to go with INOVEM as their tools seemed very flexible, inexpensive and quick and easy to setup. We also selected to use their hosting service, as this minimised the impact on our IT infrastructure. We now use INOVEM as a major communication platform throughout the organisation, supporting huge areas of our work from member communications, through disciplinary processes, to the Press Office."

James Kavanagh, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

INOVEM Chameleon

With the unique INOVEM Chameleon approach, instead of just offering ‘Your logo here’ branding on a standard design template, we can integrate the solution fully within your own web identity. So you build your reputation for inclusion – not ours.