The complete, multi-option consultation system
INOVEM Consult is a powerful and highly configurable framework for managing, deploying and analysing consultations through your choice of media: interactive questionnaires, feedback against sectional documents or online discussions.

Part of our family of effective, affordable and scalable software solutions, INOVEM Consult is designed to complement and build on your existing methods of consultation.

It enables you to present issues to stakeholders and the public online in a clear and understandable way that encourages participation and response. All data is securely stored in a structured format, building a solid evidence base and enabling fast, accurate and reliable analysis.

Already used by many public sector organisations, INOVEM Consult is an extremely flexible product that provides a variety of engagement tools for both formal and informal consultation work.


  • increasing involvement in the development of policies and services
  • building ongoing stakeholder consultation programmes
  • co-ordinating consultation with strategic partners
  • creating, sharing and maintaining best practice
  • managing multi-stage consultations for planning and development
  • capturing structured feedback across large organisations
  • quick, one-off and informal surveys and enquiries
  • seeking the views of association membership
  • developing local and national eDemocracy


Improved co-ordination across the board

INOVEM Consult makes it easy to manage and co-ordinate everything from the simplest to the most complex consultations, through its systematic yet flexible framework.

Key to this is the online Consultation Database providing a single location for all past, current and future consultations, a clear timeline view, multi-level search and background information. Configurable through client-specific Custom Attributes, this database provides an easy-access central record of all information associated with a consultation project.

Sharing best practice and co-ordinating with other managers is made easier through the Consultation Managers' Community facility. Document Production and Publishing is standardised and made easier through the workflow available with our INOVEM Co-Publish upgrade.

the consultation calendar keeps everyone informed
the consultation calendar keeps everyone informed

Managing stakeholder interests, inclusively

You can really build your relationships with stakeholders through INOVEM Consult. The customisable Stakeholder Database enables you to build a valuable knowledgebase that develops over time, recording stakeholders' participation and your understanding of their specific interests. The People Finder facility helps you identify who to invite to participate, providing targeted notifications on how to get involved.

Most importantly, this database provides the means to record and generate correspondence for both online and offline stakeholders, using our Mail Merge facility ? so no-one is excluded from your consultation.

Empowering managers and topic specialists

Once you've configured your policies and default settings through the System Administration interface, you can devolve specific consultations to individual managers, topic specialists or partners to implement and oversee.

That way, Consultation Co-ordinators or IT specialists don't get overburdened with having to run everything themselves and consultations can be scaled up or down and adapted, while maintaining standards within a consistent framework.

You can empower your Consultation Managers to upload content into the consultation, use the Manage Participants feature to monitor involvement, and optionally control discussions through Message Moderation.

Fast, accessible and secure

Developed by the team that built, which supported several millions of users, INOVEM software is designed to be highly scalable. INOVEM Consult has been proven over a large number of public sector consultations, where scalability, inclusivity and security are of paramount importance.

Our inherent Security levels are extremely high, and the product can be run over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) if additional security is required. INOVEM Consult is designed to blend into your identity, to promote your brand and inclusive values in a trusted environment.

Accessibility meets the highest WAI-AAA standards, essential for inclusive eDemocracy, and our Stakeholder Management enables both online and traditional offline consultation and response methods to be managed in parallel.

use People Finder to invite participants
use People Finder to invite participants

control levels of privacy
control levels of privacy


INOVEM Consult provides a comprehensive yet easy to use set of tools to enable you to plan, create, design, deploy, manage, monitor and analyse consultations through a variety of media.

Creating an online consultation

For speed, the Create New Consultation function can use pre-configured Consultation Templates to select from a range of frequently used consultation types such as 'Feedback on Policy Document', 'Anonymous Quick Poll', 'Staff Survey', 'Discussion Group', etc.

The straightforward HTML Homepage Editor lets you create a dynamic homepage for your consultation, changing automatically as the consultation opens and closes, with links to supporting information.

You can quickly and easily Upload Consultation Documents, include maps or diagrams, or Create New Web Pages for additional content. Once populated, an optional approval process can be used to determine who is allowed to make consultations publicly available.

Configurable options to Control Levels of Privacy and transparency also let you restrict search visibility, manage who can see participant lists and publication of responses and summaries.

easy-to-build questionnaires
easy-to-build questionnaires

Choosing appropriate response methods

The ability of INOVEM Consult to manage a wide variety of consultation methods is a major strength. The product offers a range of flexible online consultation techniques that can be used independently or in association with each other, including:

Questionnaires with variable question types, mandatory/optional questions, randomisation, wizardbased conditional branching, progress bars, 'Save as Draft', supporting document upload option, anonymous response support and automated thank you emails.

Structured Documents for Comment providing interactive, hierarchical web documents that are easy to browse and search, comment on or submit supporting evidence for saving partial responses, custom tracking references, moderation, View Comment permissions and section-by-section report summaries are also available.

Discussion Forums enabling submission of issues and ideas via the site or directly by email, full or partial filtering and moderation options and consultee-driven notification preferences are also provided.

A key feature of INOVEM Consult is the ability to Add a Response on behalf of a consultee, enabling staff to input manual and offline responses and so ensure that everyone's views are taken into account. This ensures that the consultation and stakeholder databases are the central repositories for all your consultation data.

Getting stakeholders involved

Consultees can manage their own involvement with INOVEM Consult. They can be asked to complete a quick and easy User Registration and can also manage their User Profile ? or the system can equally support anonymous responses.

A personal My Consultations page and tailored Email Alerts help stakeholders get maximum value from their involvement and manage their interactions. Consultees can find and pre-register for, or take part in, 'public' consultations by searching the Consultation Database and Respond using the methods provided.

An optional Consultation Calendar enables people to see open & close dates, as well as publicising supporting meetings or events, focus groups, exhibitions or seminars.

Corresponding with stakeholders

INOVEM Consult enables you to keep in touch with stakeholders both online, through the consultation site, and offline by letter. Users can choose which they prefer.

The Letter Template creation tool with Mail Merge fields can be used to semi-automate offline communications. You can quickly create Default Messages for use in system notifications and alerts, and a Document Diary keeps track of what's been sent, when and to whom.

obtain comments on structured documents
obtain comments on structured documents

mail merge letters & emails
mail merge letters & emails

Analysis, reporting and feedback

INOVEM Consult includes a powerful yet easy-to-use Report Wizard that enables you to define and save report parameters, output results to HTML, PDF, tables, graphs, or online mapping systems, or Export Responses directly to SPSS or via CSV files to Microsoft© Excel© for further analysis. The dynamically generated Summary Results Graphs help to identify trends and provide instant feedback.

To promote continued involvement it's good to provide formal and informal Feedback to consultees during and after a consultation. You can notify consultees of the publication of a formal response document, and have the option to publish lists of who has responded, individual 'public' responses and/or summary graphs of survey responses and online polls. At all times you are able to regulate what information is released into the public domain.

Quality control and best practice

It's important to be able to undertake consultations with absolute integrity to maintain the trust of your stakeholders and ensure the best and most useful responses are received. A range of tools are included to ensure this:

Publication Permissions enable managers to decide whether consultations are public or private, searchable or not, whether respondents? names are published; default levels of confidentiality and when/if results will be published. Consultation Co-ordinators have overriding control.

The in-built Audit Log tracks all activities, such as when consultation items are created, modified or deleted, when people joined the consultation and when they downloaded a document.

Workflow Notifications can be sent to managers, Co-ordinators and participants. These can be invaluable for encouraging best practice, such as reminding managers to 'Please remember to report back to consultees on how their feedback influenced our thinking'.

use the report wizard to analyse and chart responses
use the report wizard to analyse and chart responses

map participants
map participants


How to buy

INOVEM Consult is available as a hosted service, or can be installed as software on your own network. No software downloads are required ? users only need a standard web browser.

Licences are available to cover single, multiple or unlimited consultations. Subject to agreement, the licence may include use by an unspecified number of consultees, consultation managers and administrators.

Set up

INOVEM Inclusionware has been purpose-designed to be easy to obtain, implement and use.

Services include the creation of your INOVEM Consult website, customisation of databases and site policies and adaptation to your online identity and stylesheets. Consultancy support is provided to help you configure the product to your specific requirements and launch initial consultations.


As well as integrating seamlessly with your preferred email systems, INOVEM Consult can be integrated with your back-office systems and other preferred applications such as GIS, CRM and EDMRS through APIs and web services.


On-site training is available for Consultation Co-ordinators and Managers to get you started and make sure you get the best out of your system. Further training is available on request, but mostly INOVEM users train each other, because it's that easy to use.

24x7 support

Technical and management support is available by telephone and email during office hours, plus our online ClientZone is available 24x7 providing access to our support database.

User Group

The flourishing INOVEM User Community has access to useful resources and discussions via our online ClientZone, as well as annual Customer Workshops and a regular online newsletter.

Download the INOVEM Consult product details


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