The powerful, adaptable team working environment
Part of the pioneering INOVEM Inclusionware™ range, INOVEM Collaborate is a purpose-built online team working environment designed to improve information, co-ordination, group communication, task and project management, content development and knowledge sharing.

Based on flexible, managed participation groups, INOVEM Collaborate integrates with your own email system and back-office applications; blends seamlessly into your online presence and identity; adapts to multiple information, collaboration and consultation tasks; and boosts productivity while reducing time, travel and waste paper.

INOVEM Collaborate enables teams and individuals to be members of one or many groups, to keep in touch on fast moving and dynamic projects through instant notifications. A full audit trail of versions, updates and comments, tasks, discussions and other project information makes it easy for new members to join teams and have all the information at their fingertips.


Boosting internal productivity

  • managing and delivering projects within and across departments
  • developing ideas and sharing best practice
  • assisting legal and procurement teams
  • preparing specifications, proposals and collateral
  • co-ordinating product and service development

Driving external collaboration

  • administering committees and working parties
  • engaging with stakeholders and special interest groups
  • supporting customer and partnership networks
  • facilitating focus groups and market research

Enabling wider engagement

  • creating self-support groups and keeping interested parties informed
  • implementing informal consultation and discussion groups
  • publishing meeting reports, specifications and FAQs
  • providing information to press and media


Easy to get started

INOVEM Collaborate is designed for fast and easy set-up and management, enabling you to get the maximum value out of the system right from the word go ? and go on doing so as it flexes and adapts to new tasks in the future.

You decide who can Create a New Group ? anyone, or just authorised users. Setting up and configuring new groups by topic specialists and team leaders is fast and easy.

Pre-defined Group Templates are available in the system, or you can create your own and repeat best practice from previous groups.

Fits in with the way you work

As well as working within your own online identity, INOVEM Collaborate overcomes the constrained approach of one-size-fits-all application interfaces by providing extensive configurability, so you can customise site navigation the way you want it. With little or no training, approved Group Managers can change the purpose, functionality, navigation and look and feel of the site to suit individual projects, groups or even individuals.

customise site look and feel
customise site look and feel

Email Integration is used to stimulate participation and team working. INOVEM Collaborate works seamlessly with all familiar email clients so that notifications and subsequent responses are stored centrally and linked to the related group content and activities to provide context and insight. Automatically indexed, they can be quickly searched and retrieved by group members.

Building the knowledgebase

Key to the service is a self-maintaining, user-definable Stakeholder Database. Participants can be allowed to register themselves on the site ? you don't need a system administrator to 'create an account'. Users update their own profiles using multi-layered information that enable them to be involved in their areas of interest.

The People Finder allows you to mine the information stored in your group databases ? not only user profiles but also their past involvement ? to identify who to invite to participate in new projects or discussions. Members can pre-register their interests, and managers can populate new groups quickly with profile-matched candidates.

All content, such as documents and discussions, is indexed for Group Search by type, date, originator or other categories. Familiar interface searches within or across groups, with fuzzy matching and result scoring helps new group or team members get up to speed.

Scalable, reliable and secure

Developed by the same team that built, which supported tens of millions of users, INOVEM software is designed to be highly scalable. Currently used to assist a range of needs, from small informal teams to large infrastructure projects, INOVEM Collaborate has a proven track record for security, high availability and system performance.

use people finder to invite participants
use people finder to invite participants

easy to apply access control
easy to apply access control


INOVEM Collaborate provides group members with a complete online environment and toolset to enable them to share information, create discussion and develop joint output.

Group workspace

The customisable, brandable Group Home Page is the 'shop window' of each group. Create your own navigation, menus and guidance notes to suit the project or group composition.

Store and share information within your group and define your own hierarchical Group Folders. Store by topic or business function, control what types of information can be created in each folder, and manage access and modification rights.

Simple Access Control tools let you determine who sees what and who does what within each group. Groups and their contents can be made public or private in one easy switch, and you can set user rights down to individual member and individual item level.

you decide who uploads documents, create albums…
you decide who uploads documents, create albums…

Building the team

The user-maintained stakeholder database can be searched to Invite Group Members based on their interests and/or previous involvement.

Interested parties can search for public groups using the Group Finder to find the ones they want to participate in, through a category hierarchy or via the search function. You can choose whether new members can simply sign in to a group, or apply to the group manager for membership.

Keeping people informed

All content creation or modification activities have an option to Send a Notification. Users can choose whether they want to receive instant email, get periodic summaries or just browse via the What's New button.

Documents can be easily uploaded, organised and version-controlled. Link discussion threads to documents to aid collaborative working. Create Web Pages in HTML using the simple web editor, or save and arrange useful Web Links to external resources in the Group Folder. Create and share Image Albums with previews and thumbnails.

Share, debate and exchange ideas. Discussions provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute. All responses, whether by email or via the website, are automatically threaded and stored in context for future reference.

Working together and getting feedback

Build a segmented document structure in HTML so everyone can contribute. Originated by one member or many, Structured Documents make development and amendment easy, simultaneous and trackable. Then, if required, seek wider feedback via comments on selected document sections.

Without the need for specialist knowledge, online Databases can be quickly built from scratch, or from pre-defined templates, using custom fields to support a wide range of data recording applications. User-defined evaluated fields and search forms enhance reporting and information retrieval.

Quickly create simple Questionnaires for formal or informal surveys with open or multi-choice questions and conditional branching. Add HTML guidance notes, set close dates, automatically generate summary graphs and export results to a CSV file.

quickly deploy online databases
quickly deploy online databases

use a project plan to track tasks
use a project plan to track tasks

Project management

Manage and co-ordinate lists of tasks, tracking progress of each task, assinging them to individuals of sets of people for completion. Monitor and alert team members of task deadlines by automatic email.

Use multiple Calendars to co-ordinate, manage, advertise and send out reminders on meetings, milestones and key dates. Schedule repeating events for auto-remind, and add events to your Microsoft Outlook© or other desktop calendar.

Management and administration

Easy-to-use Group Management tools make it simple to set up, manage, secure and moderate your groups. Control access, membership, functionality and content delivery.

For larger installations that require high degrees of configuration, we provide access to System Administration to manage site configuration, policies, defaults and customisation.

Group Search all content and discussions
Group Search all content and discussions


How to buy

INOVEM Collaborate is available as a hosted service, or can be installed as software on your own network. No software downloads are required - users only need a standard web browser.

For entry level use - please look at our online collboration service, based n the Collaborate technologies - and providing instant-start trials.

Licences are available to cover team, project, departmental or corporate use. Subject to agreement, the licence may include use by an unspecified number of group managers and collaborators.

Set up

INOVEM Inclusionware has been purpose-designed to be easy to obtain, set up and use.

Set up services include the creation of your INOVEM Collaboration website, customisation of stakeholder databases and adaptation to your online identity and stylesheets. Consultancy support is provided to help you configure the product to your specific requirements and launch initial collaboration groups.


As well as integrating seamlessly with your preferred email system(s), INOVEM Collaborate can be integrated with your back-office systems and other preferred applications through APIs and web services.


On-site training is available for product owners and group managers to get you started and make sure you get the best out of your system. Further training is available on request, but mostly INOVEM users train each other, because it's that easy to use.

24x7 support

Technical and management support is available by telephone and email during office hours, plus our online ClientZone is available 24x7 providing access to our support database.

User Group

The flourishing INOVEM User Community has access to useful resources and discussions via our online ClientZone, as well as annual Customer Workshops and a regular online newsletter.

Download the INOVEM Collaborate product details


INOVEM Connect - for rapid set-up of interest groups, information networks and simpler consultation exercises.

INOVEM Consult - the comprehensive multioption system for launching, managing, analysing and reporting on detailed consultations.

INOVEM Co-Publish - adding advanced structured document workflow, production and publication to your solution.

INOVEM e-Petitions - a simple step-by-step way to submit, process, sign and manage petitions online.

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