The affordable, easy-to-use document creation tool
INOVEM Co-Publish is a versatile web-based application that enables you and your teams to create, review and publish documents quickly and easily ? at a cost that makes it available to everyone.

Extremely simple to learn and use, this purpose-built module, which can be added to either INOVEM Consult or INOVEM Collaborate, makes the whole process of document production simpler and much more efficient. Optional workflow helps you standardise best practice and ensure approvals.

With little or no training users can very quickly take advantage of its friendly, intuitive interface to manage their document creation projects, automating the output to HTML, print-ready PDF or XML. Plus, INOVEM Co-Publish is unique in being able to fully support both print and web corporate branding styles.


  • providing high quality document creation to everyone economically
  • creating Structured Documents that people can comment on
  • managing the formation of collective strategy, policy or procedure documents
  • team-working on tenders, business cases, project briefs and specifications
  • assembling company, departmental and project performance reports
  • ensuring inclusion in eConsultation through parallel offline publishing
  • creating online or offline documents in your corporate styles
  • managing document production workflow in partnerships


Affordable and scalable for everyone to use

INOVEM Co-Publish is the first product of its kind to be developed specifically to enable all INOVEM Inclusionware users to create or co-create excellent documents economically.

You decide who can create a Structured Document to support their projects, policy developments or consultations, with minimal training, through the streamlined process. Everything that you need to create, collaboratively develop, and publish your documents is provided in one place.

Document Templates enable you to publish consistent documents in your own house styles, either online or offline.

simple, yet effective workflow manager
simple, yet effective workflow manager

Fits in with the way you work

INOVEM Co-Publish uniquely lets you publish in your own Corporate Styles whether creating a PDF for print or publishing in HTML.

While we never require you to change the way you work or adapt to our workflows, the optional Workflow Manager and Multi-User Access Control facilities make it easy for you to administer editorial contributions and approval processes in a consistent way.

Email Integration is used to stimulate participation and team working. INOVEM Co-Publish works seamlessly with all familiar email clients so that contributors and approvers, whether internal or external, can be kept aware of their tasks and production deadlines.

Uses standards to be more inclusive

Our powerful Document Formatting Template user interface allows you to quickly build or modify standard layouts for documents ? without needing expensive outside help.

If you need further customisation, you can use you own in-house web development skills because INOVEM Co-Publish is based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) standards. You don't need to hire specialists in complex data transformation languages, or buy additional PDF formatting software.

We support the highest level of web accessibility, meeting the WAI-AAA standard not only in the HTML output but also in the application itself ? so your staff and stakeholders are never disadvantaged.

INOVEM Co-Publish also supports export to industrystandard XML schemas, such those required to exchange planning consultation documents. INOVEM Inclusionware can be integrated with a wide variety of standardsbased back-office and information sharing applications.

standardise document formatting
standardise document formatting

drag-and-drop to build and structure documents
drag-and-drop to build and structure documents


The intuitive tools provided in INOVEM Co-Publish enable anyone to manage a document creation project with little or no training, and publish the result in the corporate style, either printed or on the web.

Creating structured documents

Using a simple Drag-and-Drop Interface, users can quickly create headings, sections and content segments for an online structured document, enabling trackable collaborative and consultative working to develop the final item. Components can be moved and reordered, and an alternative interface is provided for additional accessibility.

A lot of time can be saved by the Import from Microsoft© Word tool, enabling project authors to draft content offline in MS Word and then upload it, preserving existing headings. Existing document templates can be uploaded in the same way.

Automatically populated Tables of Contents covering all content types, Automatic Numbering, the easy-touse HTML Editor and Content Formatting ? including pre-defined corporate publishing styles for custom content ? all help to make creating a document a breeze.

standardise and apply content formatting
standardise and apply content formatting

Managing input contributions

It's the structured collaborative process that gives INOVEM Co-Publish a huge advantage over traditional 'draft and email' methods of working.

The optional Workflow Manager allows the project owner to Choose Editors and Approvers, ensuring that the right people have control at the right time.

All document production projects are tracked in the History Log, an audit trail that records all changes to content, workflow and formatting on each document section, with an associated timestamp and the name of the person who made the change. Editors can add Notes and visually Compare Side-by-Side versions to easily assess the effect of changes made.

A Summary View lets you view the progress and status of each document section with all key data.

Defining corporate styles

Whether you're publishing to print or on the web, INOVEM Co-Publish ensures consistency of your brand identity through pre-defined 'house' style Document Formatting Templates. You create these using a flexible Formatting Editor to control fonts, headings, margins, page layouts, tables, page numbering and custom content e.g. policy text, tables and key findings.

You can import Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for more complex page layouts and backgrounds that might include artistic shading, borders and watermarks. All of these can be done without requiring complex programming skills or expensive external help.

review the history log for changes made
review the history log for changes made

build your own document formatting templates
build your own document formatting templates

Publishing to multiple formats

When your document's been created, you can publish it for Interactive Web Access, using your corporate stylesheets to ensure consistency.

Simple, intuitive Hierarchical Navigation of sections and sub-sections includes an option for dynamicallygenerated Tables of Contents. Document content can be found and retrieved quickly with the Document Search tool and user-defined search terms.

You can also opt for print-ready or web-ready PDF Publishing, again using preset corporate style templates, and automatically generating page/chapter cross-references.

To continue the document's interactivity you can insert Make Comment Hyperlinks or Questionnaire Hyperlinks to direct readers back to your INOVEM Inclusionware website and capture their feedback efficiently, as well as increasing your consultation stakeholder database.

Stimulating wider feedback

Structured Documents created using INOVEM Co-Publish can then be used to gather comments from a wider group of consultees via INOVEM Connect, INOVEM Consult or INOVEM Collaborate.

You can select parts of the document for users to Make Comments against. You can also insert survey questions and configure the fields for your feedback form. You have the option to let respondents upload supporting documents; update their own comments and View Comments of others.

With full control, you can manage and moderate feedback; decide if approved comments are made public, provide unique identifiers for each response, thank users for their submissions by email, automatically Collate Comments by document section for review and analysis Search Comments and export by date, keyword, contributor, document part or identifier.

quick, no fuss PDF publishing
quick, no fuss PDF publishing

collect, collate and search comments on documents
collect, collate and search comments on documents


How to buy

INOVEM Co-Publish is available as an addition to your INOVEM Collaborate or INOVEM Consult solution. It can be delivered as a hosted service, or can be installed as software on your own network. No software downloads are required ? users only need a standard web browser.

Licences are available for team or project, departmental or full corporate use. Subject to agreement, the licence may include use by an unspecified number of document managers and collaborators.

Set up

INOVEM Inclusionware has been purpose-designed to be easy to obtain, implement and use. Consultancy support is provided to help you establish your initial 'house' style document templates.


On-site training is available to get you started and make sure you get the best out of your system. Further training is available on request, but mostly INOVEM users train each other, because it's that easy to use.

24x7 support

Technical and management support is available by telephone and email during office hours, plus our online ClientZone is available 24x7 providing access to our support database.

User Group

The flourishing INOVEM user community has access to useful resources and discussions via our online ClientZone, as well as annual customer workshops and a regular online newsletter.

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