Building your reputation for inclusion, not ours
With any genuinely Web 2.0 service or application, it's important to be able to operate in any IT environment, and integrate easily with other applications.

One of the defining principles of the new wave of web-based services is their ability to adapt to their surroundings � to collaborate with other technologies to deliver the right result for the customer.

We've designed INOVEM Inclusionware™ products to be as adaptable and platform-neutral as possible; but also to work 'under the covers' or 'behind the scenes' � to deliver their services as though they were coming from you, not some third-party software provider.


Nothing should stand in the way of your organisation's ability to collaborate and consult, engage, involve and include. As well as carrying out consultation and engagement, it's equally important that you are recognised as having a full and genuine commitment to the process.

So instead of just offering you 'your logo here' on our software we take a different approach which we call INOVEM Chameleon: melding into your own online web identity, delivering all our functionality as though it were an integral part of your own website.

INOVEM Chameleon 1

The Chameleon approach:

  • uses your stylesheets for colours, graphics, formatting and layout
  • fits your existing menu structures
  • uses an official URL under your domain
  • integrates with your common breadcrumb trail
  • re-uses designs for components on your site (e.g. 'Do It Now' buttons)
  • copies complex functions like text size settings and user preferences
  • reproduces code links for monitoring/tracking
  • links dynamically to relevant information on your public site

The result is that all your stakeholders and participants understand that they are dealing directly with you; your identity remains consistent and doesn't confuse by changing mid-site and your usability/accessibility policies are protected. All INOVEM Inclusionware meets government and internet accessibility standards (WAI-AAA).

INOVEM Chameleon 2

A standard interface design is also available, if preferred.


Email integration is used to stimulate participation and team-working. INOVEM Inclusionware works seamlessly with all familiar email clients so that notifications and subsequent responses are stored centrally, and linked to the related group content and activities, to provide context and insight.

INOVEM Chameleon 3

As well as integrating seamlessly with your preferred email system(s), INOVEM Inclusionware can be integrated with your back-office systems and other preferred applications through APIs and web services. It can be integrated with a wide range of applications, and exports to popular analysis packages such as SPSS and Microsoft Word and Excel.

INOVEM Chameleon 4

The solution is fully accredited by the Planning Portal and can therefore share documents with publishing systems provided by other accredited LDF software suppliers. It integrates with various web-based mapping systems (GIS) to improve understanding of local planning issues; and can exchange information with existing back-office systems, such as CRM and EDMRS.

INOVEM Chameleon 5

Download the INOVEM Chameleon briefing sheet

"We were particularly impressed with the way in which INOVEM's software could be presented using our client's existing website brand, to increase the level of trust amongst the stakeholders involved. We also required a technology partner that could provide a robust and well-supported, yet cost-effective solution that could be quickly adapted to the needs of the project."

Peter Davis,
Entec UK Ltd

"We chose INOVEM's e-consultation solution because of their product's flexibility to meet our business needs, and their ability to meet our tight timescale for implementation. One of the real benefits is that INOVEM were able to align their product so closely with our current website, for example, using our corporate branding."

Caroline Jones,
Legal Services Commission

"For consultations, fitting into the Council site, and being part of that official online presence is very important. Citizens and respondents must be fully confident that this is a proper Council managed site. Publishing content in a consistent format and style goes a long way to achieving a high quality, professional, reliable and trustworthy resource. As well as being able to have the site on an official address, we feel that branding and common usability across all our sites are a key part of that."

Clare Nelmes,
South Gloucestershire Council