Involvement will mean developing new and innovative ways of devolving power and influencing decision-making. INOVEM's pioneering Inclusionware™ solutions are ideally suited for a wide range of engagement activities that include community consultation and partnership collaboration.

INOVEM Inclusionware will:

  • Help you to standardise and build robust involvement practices that will stand up to scrutiny
  • Make it easier and more affordable to involve patients, carers, the public and key partners and help you achieve compliance
  • Automate the reporting on consultations, involvement practice and outcomes
  • Provide an alternative method for those affected by proposed changes to have a chance to 'have their say' and offer their contribution and for people to influence the agenda from the outset
  • Record and analyse the views of all relevant groups and audit how they have been taken into account
  • Ensure that the consultation is as effective as possible and 'consultation fatigue' is minimised
  • Help you to build up local membership by forming joint governance and planning arrangements with the local councils
  • Offer new and innovative ways to target and seek views of your local population to complement the existing range of methodologies used
  • Provide a framework for continuous and meaningful engagement with staff, the public and patients
  • Provide a collaborative environment in which you can jointly develop service specifications and draft tenders as well as work with preferred providers

Our e-Consultation Software and Stakeholder & Community Portals are currently being used by a growing number of trusts, helping them to cost effectively involve patients, carers, practitioners, the public and key partners.

Simple to use web-based Collaboration Software assist local authorities and primary care trusts in the development of their Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and INOVEM's Bid & Tender Management Systems make integrated commissioning projects more collaborative, equitable and transparent.

Our Committee Support Systems and Membership Involvement Systems have been designed to make it easier for Foundation Trusts to inform, consult and involve Governors, Board Directors, residents, patients and staff under their duty to engage.

Download the Inclusionware for Local Health Trusts briefing

"Oxfordshire PCT chose INOVEM's Inclusionware software solution as a key part of our commitment to improving and strengthening engagement and involvement with patients, the local community, partners, and voluntary organisations in designing, planning and delivering local healthcare services to support the trust's commitment to world class commissioning"

Sara Price,
Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust

".. we are also extending the use of our eConsultation service to our Primary Care Trust, in order that we can provide local residents, business and interest groups with a joined-up approach to consultation in Herefordshire"

Martin Heuter,
Herefordshire Partnership