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In many organisations in both the public and private sectors, the work of committees, sub-committees and working parties is part of the lifeblood of progress. But supporting, informing, motivating and managing them is always a major challenge.

Almost always comprised of diverse individuals, voluntary or part-time, from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations, committees and working parties are often frustrated by the need to meet in order to share information, and then delegate tasks to achieve results.

Typically, committee secretaries put great effort into assembling and distributing information, yet action between meetings is limited, and progress tends to be driven by the few individuals who can spare the most time. Travel, scheduling and meeting expenses also add to the burden.

New members joining discussions are often at a disadvantage, with little clear history available to explain previous discussions and decisions ? and a lot of catchup reading to do.

Now, though, technology is available which can transform the effectiveness of committees and working parties, making them far more effective and energising the participants.


INOVEM Inclusionware™ provides a rapidly-implemented solution for transforming and energising your committee structures, via an easy-to-use online environment that enables the bulk of their activity to take place online, and at a time to suit them.

With the affordable, web-based INOVEM Committee Support System solution, you can quickly create and deploy multiple groups to which your committee and working party members belong. Their access to groups depends on their authorisation, so you can easily mirror the committee, sub-committee, working group and officer structure to ensure the right information goes to the right people.

The real secret of the INOVEM Committee Support System is that it enables members to collaborate and communicate effectively in between meetings.

They can receive all the information they need, in an easily-managed filing system; share, discuss and amend documents; survey opinions among their peers or externally; maintain consistent meeting and event diaries; project manage any actions and tasks they may have been allocated; and update issue logs.

Members or committee officers can upload and maintain their reports, tasks and other content and send out automated email notifications to their fellow members, to raise awareness and stimulate feedback.

All resulting communication is automatically associated with the content or activity under discussion, to maintain clear topic trails. All content and related discussions are centrally stored and can be quickly searched by new or existing authorised members.

Committee Support - Wolverhampton


  • improve committee productivity through enabling members to share information, agree goals, discuss
  • issue the right information to the right people, instantly, every time
  • keep everyone up-to-date via instant notifications regarding new documentation, events, task deadlines or opinion polls
  • rapidly poll members, collate views and report on findings
  • increase transparency on reports, actions and deliverables
  • maintain an audit trail and archive of versions, histories, updates and comments on documents and other information
  • reduce the cost of committee support and administration
  • minimise IT resource requirements through delegating authority to your group members
  • reduce the expense and environmental impact of print and postage, travel and meeting expenses ? while increasing productive output

Download the INOVEM Committee Support Systems data sheet

Build your capabilities over time

There’s the option to easily add one of our eConsultation and community-building products, INOVEM Connect or INOVEM Consult, to add further networking and research capabilities to your solution.

To find out how quickly and affordably INOVEM Inclusionware™ solutions could transform your team working capability call +44 (0)1488 648 468 or use our Contact Form.

"This solution can revolutionise the way Committees contribute. All the traditional problems associated with managing Committees ? distributing documents, getting feedback, scheduling and diarising, encouraging action and discussion between meetings ? are addressed through INOVEM. It offers a massive boost to Committee management and productivity."

James Kavanagh, Director Land Group, RICS

"We regularly use the Unlawful Advertising Database as a tool for sourcing information on how to proceed with cases for example on case law and clarification of the regulations. It has assisted us with providing a more efficient and effective service and allowed us to tackle this particular issue in a more informed manner."

Mark Dickens, Development Services Manager, St Helens Council

INOVEM Chameleon

With the unique INOVEM Chameleon approach, instead of just offering ‘Your logo here’ branding on a standard design template, we can integrate the solution fully within your own web identity. So you build your reputation for inclusion – not ours.