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Managing an effective procurement is a precise and exacting task. Whether you're using an e-procurement system or not, it's vital that communication to and from bidders is timely, accurate and consistent, providing a 'level playing field' so that the best result can be achieved.

While e-procurement systems tend to focus on the detail of collating bidders' information, specifications and prices, there is a constant need to communicate with potential suppliers, staff, partners and other key stakeholders, before, during and after a procurement � and without delay.

Fairness and the optimum result mean that everyone must be kept informed about answers to issues raised, project updates and milestones, and any significant changes that may occur. External consultants and legal advisers are often involved, and they need to be plugged consistently into the process.

Emails can be an issue, with large attachments being rejected by firewalls, while existing internal systems are often unsuitable for sharing information with external bidders and partners, for security reasons.

Bind & Tender Management System - ITSOP


INOVEM Inclusionware™ provides a rapidly-implemented solution for managing the communications around your procurement project transparently and easily.

The affordable, web-based INOVEM Bid & Tender Management System solution enables you to quickly set up 'virtual data rooms' to communicate and share information with project boards, interested parties and individual prospective suppliers.

The solution makes it easy to keep all registered users informed, distributing email notifications to all bidders when supplier meetings are timetabled, when documentation is uploaded and revised, or when formal responses and points of clarification are added to the searchable FAQ database. Authorised users can select the frequency of the alerts they receive, determining what and when information is downloaded to their PC.

Private and confidential 'data rooms' make it easy to manage and collectively develop, share and obtain feedback on documentation, deliverables and project milestones with key stakeholders and external client-side consultants. These can also include simple-to-use issue and risk registers as well as diaries for meeting announcements and scheduled reminders for assigned tasks.

Bind & Tender Management System - Land Registry


  • quickly set up a secure, easily maintained website for your procurement project
  • enable all those involved to access documentation simultaneously and be kept up-to-date via instant notifications, ensuring the process is fair
  • reduce phone calls seeking documentation and project updates, and share answers to frequently asked questions
  • accurately version control and securely archive documentation and correspondence with each separate bidder providing a legal audit trail
  • provide clarity, transparency and consistency through the effective communication of key procurement milestones and updates
  • improve communication and team-working between key stakeholders, staff and contracted consultants, overcoming firewall restrictions
  • save time and waste in the production, revision, publication and distribution of technical specifications and documentation
  • avoid the cost and pressure of last-minute couriers
  • make it easier to log, share, discuss and address key issues and risks
  • provide a cheaper, environmentally-friendly method to share information and communicate before, during and after formal procurement

Download the INOVEM Bid & Tender Management Systems data sheet

Build your capabilities over time

There’s the option to easily add one of our eConsultation and community-building products, INOVEM Connect or INOVEM Consult, to add further networking and research capabilities to your solution.

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"The independent Gateway 3 review team made reference to our use of the collaborative web area as an area of good practice. In a recent workshop held with the new IT supplier it was also mentioned as an element of our collaboration that has worked particularly well."

Anne Waller, IT Services Outsourcing Project, DCLG

"INOVEM were extremely helpful and understood our requirements very quickly against a tight timetable. Despite this they were able to deliver a solution that fully delivered against our objectives for usability and security and at very reasonable cost. "

Chris Kendall, Planning Portal Director

INOVEM Chameleon

With the unique INOVEM Chameleon approach, instead of just offering ‘Your logo here’ branding on a standard design template, we can integrate the solution fully within your own web identity. So you build your reputation for inclusion – not ours.