NEWS: INOVEM e-Petitions software selected by councils across West Sussex

20th December 2010
Petitions Following a formal review of the market, all 7 West Sussex local authorities collectively agree INOVEM's online petitioning software best meets their criteria for being easy to use and quick to deploy.

London, UK, December 20th, 2010 - INOVEM, a developer of innovative Internet-based solutions to allow organisations to engage with their stakeholders, has been selected to supply online petitions software to every West Sussex local district-level authority. Designed to be simple to use and deploy, each respective council was able to launch their new service within a week or two of the contract award.

The interest in e-petition software was stimulated by new legislation requiring every English council to have an online petitioning capability live by December 2010. For INOVEM's customers, e-petitioning is yet another easy way for them to help citizens collectively express their views, further supporting local democracy.

The introduction of e-petition software is intended to augment, and in some situations replace, long-established paper-based petitions which are the right of every UK citizen. The INOVEM software makes it straightforward for petitioners to go online to sign petitions, search existing petitions and, if necessary, create a new e-petition. An automated service also makes it easier and more efficient for council staff to communicate with lead petitioners and administer, moderate, manage and report on petitions.


Leading the evaluation team, Belinda Purcell, Mid Sussex's Member Support and Elections Officer said, "Local district and borough authorities in West Sussex decided to procure jointly as we recognised that it would be easier for the public to use the same software across the county and it was a cost effective procurement option for all of us." Belinda also explained why they decided to award the contract to INOVEM: "We viewed a number of different products but INOVEM stood out for all of us as being user-friendly for both the public and the service administrator. We were all impressed with the clean layout of the site and the fact that it is so intuitive to use � we didn't require any training. Importantly, the service also met all our data protection and security requirements."

Commenting on the contract award, John Glover, INOVEM's Sales & Marketing Director remarked, "It was particularly pleasing to hear that the decision was unanimous amongst all seven councils involved in the evaluation process. It is also nice to know that the additional effort taken by our developers to make the software extremely accessible is appreciated. Ease of use is something we take very seriously at INOVEM, as it relates directly to the take-up and effectiveness of our web-based solutions for our clients and their stakeholders alike."


To make sure that petitioners find the online experience straightforward INOVEM has now seamlessly integrated each local authority's new e-petition software service into their existing council web site. Following the successful launch of the Mid Sussex service in December and extremely positive feedback from all the participating authorities Belinda Purcell added, "We have been very pleased with the implementation process. INOVEM's consultants have provided great support and everything was straightforward and set-up quickly."

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"We have been very pleased with the implementation process. INOVEM's consultants have provided great support and everything was straightforward and set-up quickly"

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