NEWS: North West London PCTs "Get Better" with INOVEM Inclusionware

9th December 2009
North West London PCTs "Get Better" with INOVEM Inclusionware INOVEM delivers dynamic, manageable community portal for NHS stakeholder engagement project

INOVEM, a British developer of collaborative and consultation technology, empowered the North West London Primary Care Trusts (NWL PCTs) to work together and engage with local communities more meaningfully in support of the "Get Better' project.

The NWL PCTs is made up of eight individual primary care trusts, which work closely with hospital trusts and numerous major stakeholder organisations. It required a robust professional service that could deliver meaningful, manageable engagement while creating a dialogue with a diverse and large number of unique users.

"Get Better' has a five-year-strategy to improve surgical care for babies, children and young people across North West London, reducing inequalities and transforming the quality and delivery of health services in the area. One of the engagement tools used in regard to the project was an inclusive collaboration and consultation online platform, that would enable engagement with a large network of stakeholder organisations as well as diverse local public communities.

Participate, a social communications consultancy tasked with designing, executing and project managing the "Get Better' engagement project, selected INOVEM to provide a flexible, robust online environment for involvement, consultation and collaboration.

Jonathan Bradley, director of Participate explained: "It was clear from the early stages of the consultation that INOVEM's Inclusionware suite would be a best fit for North West London PCTs. Web based dialogue is a must when so many stakeholders are involved and INOVEM was not only able to meet all the targets, but it also offered more. The beauty of INOVEM is that it doesn't require bespoke solution work, which other collaborative systems often insist upon. The "Get Better' site was up and running quickly, enabling engagement with multiple communities involved in the project, and the look and feel of the service was tailored to complement other branding and fit the overall tone of the project."

The INOVEM Inclusionware system was chosen after it had met or exceeded a number of key requirements Participate and North West London PCTs had identified. One requirement was that it would need to enable dialogue with a panel of 250+ people from the North West London sector. Participants in the panel also took part in workshops and exercises to gather qualitative insight as part of the project.

Mark Palin, Associate Director - Communications and Engagement at North West London PCT, said: "INOVEM has allowed North West London and the "Get Better' campaign to embrace web 2.0 technology and give something back to its community members by using the complete management information system. Enabling parents of patients to consult with different hospital trusts and members of staff has been a real operational challenge, but now, with the use of INOVEM's Inclusionware, parents are fully involved in every step of their child's treatment. Information is often sensitive and INOVEM allow North West London to handle it efficiently and with care."

John Glover, sales and marketing director at INOVEM, added: "The "Get Better' campaign is a real success story and is a perfect example of how Inclusionware really empowers people to work together better. Our stakeholder and community portals help to increase engagement in a far more efficient, meaningful and equitable manner. Everyone involved in "Get Better' is now able to receive, discuss and provide information more easily online, while key stakeholders are also able to make use of deeper functionality, such as rapidly creating new communities, developing surveys and more."

The "Get Better" campaign involved representatives from a large network of organisations including:
  • Eight NHS PCTS: Brent, Harrow, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster
  • Hospital Trusts: Imperial College, Chelsea & Westminster, Royal Brompton & Harefield, and St. Georges
  • Stakeholder organisations: Mencap, Banardos, LINks, and many special interest groups.

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