NEWS: NHS Oxfordshire deploys INOVEM Web 2.0 technologies to engage stakeholders and 'complete the circle'

9th November 2009
NHS Oxfordshire deploys INOVEM Web 2.0 technologies NHS Oxfordshire selects INOVEM Inclusionware as a simple, integrated and affordable web-based remedy to increase consultation efficiencies

NHS Oxfordshire plans and provides local healthcare services and hospital treatment in the community. The trust works with GP practices, dentists, pharmacists and opticians across Oxfordshire as well as providing services such as district nursing, health visiting, school nursing and a range of specialist and therapy services.

Under its commitment to world-class commissioning NHS Oxfordshire has a duty to involve and consult stakeholders when new services are proposed and in the development of changes to existing services. These consultations include engagement and involvement activities with a wide range of stakeholders across Oxfordshire - including the public, patients, charities and other relevant groups - to ensure services reflect the needs and wishes of the diverse community served by the trust.

INOVEM Inclusionware is a secure online environment accessed using various levels of role-based access control, so that consultation managers, administrators and stakeholders only see those areas that are appropriate and relevant to them. It provides organisations with new and innovative ways to target and seek views of key stakeholders and local populations. The software also helps to standardise involvement practices, record and analyse the views of all relevant groups and audit how they have been taken into account.

The new service will be used by NHS Oxfordshire's Communications and Engagement team to communicate and consult across the web with greater efficiency, transparency, accuracy and accountability.

Sara Price, Communications and Engagement Projects Coordinator at NHS Oxfordshire, explained the decision to adopt INOVEM Inclusionware: "Without a common consultation management framework in place, we were prone to duplicating effort when managing consultations and found it hard to handle large volumes of data gathered using a wide variety of consultation methods, multiple document formats and information management styles. We were concerned that this approach was too time consuming and could begin to affect the quality and efficiency of our engagement and involvement projects."

John Glover, sales and marketing director at INOVEM, said: "Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) have a challenge to involve and engage a huge range of people and organisations, and to demonstrate a vision and commitment to healthcare services while delivering local value, and showing financial prudence. At INOVEM we empower people and groups to work together better and nowhere is this more important than across our health service. INOVEM Inclusionware can play a pivotal role in making the daily lives of engagement professionals in PCTs easier, making the business of consulting with stakeholders more efficient and speeding up processes that ultimately lead to improved public services for all of us."

INOVEM solutions are specifically developed to help organisations such as NHS Oxfordshire manage complex consultation projects while streamlining their administration of large volumes of responses. The system is easy-to-use and simplifies the creation and management of online consultations providing a framework for continuous and meaningful engagement.

Sara Price concluded: "INOVEM Inclusionware will free our consultation managers from repetitive administrative tasks and allow us to be more creative, productive and targeted with our consultation approaches. It will enable us to form better relationships with our stakeholders so that we engage with them on subjects that they are interested in and using consultation methods that they prefer. We will now get greater value from previous best practice and a secure, yet flexible framework in which to manage our consultations. INOVEM is a very attractive solution for NHS Oxfordshire. It is simple to set-up, use and manage and is also very cost-effective, which is a key consideration for us as a public sector organisation. We look forward to passing on the benefits to the people of Oxfordshire, making it easier for the public and patients to have their say and influence change in their local NHS."

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