NEWS: iNovem helps Councils to make Rubbish decisions!

1st February 2007
Four local authorities use iNovem eConsult to plan and consult on the Issues and Options for Waste in the West of England

The West of England Waste Partnership (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) has launched a consultation to generate discussion about waste planning and waste management in the region. The four authorities have decided to work together to seek views on the issues facing the area in general and in particular on how waste should be managed and where the new facilities should be distributed. In parallel with other activities, the partnership is using iNovem's e-consultation service to involve as many people as possible in this topical debate.

The publication of an Issues and Options document is the first step in the production of the Joint Waste Development Plan Document (the Development Plan) and the Joint Residual Municipal Waste Management Strategy (the Waste Strategy) for the West of England. Joint working is an efficient way to use resources for services and facilities which take place across local authority boundaries.

"The government and Europe are setting tough targets aimed at drastically reducing the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill sites," said Allan Davies, the partnership's planning policy officer. "There is an urgent need for us to provide a range of new recycling, composting and waste treatment facilities in order to treat our waste. Our web site allows both individuals and organisations to respond to the waste management consultation online, and to also get actively involved in our discussion forum about the waste management strategy for the area."

"It was great that iNovem's software made it possible to get the consultation web site ( up and running quickly," said a relieved Clare Nelmes, South Gloucestershire's Community Consultation Officer, "Especially as interest in this consultation has dramatically increased since it was profiled on a recent BBC Politics Show, both nationally and locally!"

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