Client interview with Christine Beech � Stakeholder Liaison Manager, Land Registry e-conveyancing task force
The Land Registry is a UK Government agency whose principle aim is to maintain and develop a stable and effective land registration system in England & Wales.

In order to make the conveyancing process quicker, cheaper and more transparent LR are currently introducing a new econveyancing system throughout the conveyancing community. In support of this programme is a rapidly expanding task force of over 50 people who are based in a variety of scattered locations.


"One of our main challenges is to enable a smooth transformation of the conveyancing business environment both internally and externally", says Stakeholder Liaison Manager Christine Beech. "To do this effectively, we need to engage over 200,000 people from a variety of stakeholder groups in the property sector, government and our own staff."

"Initially we did this primarily through traditional face-to-face meetings with varying sizes of conveyancing groups and VIP stakeholders. These methods, although useful, are both costly and time consuming and as we started to work on the detail of the new system we needed to find new ways to dramatically expand our reach to a wider cross-section of practicing professionals."

"One solution was to take part in joint presentations at key stakeholder seminars, such as those organised by the Law Society."

"Although these events are a useful device to promote the task force's programme of activities, they had no effective mechanism to engage and involve participants after the event. This was an area of concern, as they needed to maintain interest levels and keep the immediacy of the programme going."

"As our programme developed, it became apparent that we needed to find more scalable and effective methods of reaching and collaborating with stakeholders, so we decided to explore the use of Internet based communities", says Christine.


"During the evaluation process we looked at several systems."

"It was quite clear that some enterprise systems have a document-centric, rather than a people-centric approach. These were considered inappropriate as we required a tool that could be used for engagement and consultation as well as document collaboration and information publishing."

"We selected INOVEM because their software seemed the most suitable and cost effective. They also shared our vision of how we might use technology to scale up and support our existing engagement activities."

"Although relatively small, we felt that they behaved more like a partner than a supplier and would work with us as our requirements developed. This has proved to be the case and they have been extremely useful in helping us introduce our online stakeholder groups."


LR opted for INOVEM's fully supported hosted service. "It made it a lot easier for us to procure, as we could effectively pilot the service first", says Christine.

"We decided to run trials to find out where the service could be used and how technology could enhance or even replace existing engagement activities."

"One of our groups focused on a pilot e-lodgement service and we used it to inform everyone on legislation changes as they happened. We were able to use the service to provide training materials, keep the project on track and deal with problems during the pilot."

Land Registry Case Study 2

LR also ran groups under the banner "e- Conveyancing, Realising the Vision" in which they surveyed each company's state of readiness and applied different group membership based on the state they selected. Stakeholders were then able to receive and discuss information relevant to them and progress through each state as appropriate.

"We were surprised how easy it was to use the service for projects not originally scoped for; such as when we used it to support the tendering process for an esecurity solution. It was extremely useful in helping to keep everyone in the bidding process informed whilst providing secure access to information."

"We found the speed of setup to be fantastic; you don't need to be an IT expert and it takes us less than 30 minutes to develop a new collaborative community."


"The INOVEM service is certainly making it easier to involve our stakeholders and it is now a fundamental part of the way we do things. Our stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of our web communities and value them as a method of keeping in touch with fast moving ideas and events in e-conveyancing."

"As expected, the service is quickly expanding and we now believe it has the potential to be even more valuable than we originally thought."

Land Registry Case Study 3

"We've found it extremely useful as a mechanism to gather information on people and organisations who want to take part in the many pilots that we will need to run as the e-conveyancing service develops. We can now develop and deploy surveys quickly and find the speed and quality of response invaluable."

"In a recent e-consultation on a proposed Electronic Funds Transfer service we received a 30% higher response rate on the web than via paper. The feedback was so useful, we actually changed direction! We also wanted around 10 people to help build sample user-screens for chain matrix. Using our online communities we had over 90 volunteers within 10 minutes!"


"The INOVEM service is now built into our strategy as an integral part of our stakeholder engagement plans for the immediate future", says Christine Beech.

"With at least another 6 years of engagement activity left in the programme, we will need to continue to build and maintain relationships with our stakeholders as we get down to the 'nittygritty'."

"We are now considering how we will use the web communities to engage and consult different groups, such as lenders and estate agents."

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"We selected INOVEM because their software seemed the most suitable and cost effective. They also shared our vision of how we might use technology to scale up and support our existing engagement activities."

Christine Beech � Stakeholder Liaison Manager